Faceit Account Finder & Steam ID Stats

Becoming an elite gamer is no easy task. Competing against pro players on Faceit requires the right strategy to climb the ranking ladder. Keeping track of player performance is easy with our Faceit Finder, which shows faceit stats and Steam profile side by side and helps you find a faceit account based on Steam URL or status information.

Through the Faceit account finder, players can check their faceit stats within seconds. You just need to put your Steam ID in the provided space and click on the ‘Lookup’ button. The stats will appear on the screen with a detailed description of the account creation date, status, the total number of matches played, achievements, banned friends, and much more.

Faceitfinder CS GO Stats

Feature of Faceit Account Finder

 The faceitaccount web tool has made it easy for players to track their performance and check real Counter Strike stats for faceit ELO, Headshots percentage, HLTV rating, Kill/Death ratio. Moreover, by clicking on ‘Show Detailed Faceit Stats,’ you will see comprehensive information about the following data: 

Faceit Detail Stats 

  • Account status
  • The date account was created on
  • A list of achievements, banned friends, and the number of hours the player has played CS:GO
  • Statistics like kill-death ratio, win rate, HLTV rating, headshots, and matches played
  • Players’ teammates can be viewed and their performance can be compared
  • Players’ levels are displayed based on their ELO points in the faceitfinder.

Steam Profile Details

  • Player’s profile name and level
  • Badge Collections and awards 
  • Groups and friends
  • Players game playlist
  • Account ID
  • Number of hours games played
  • Bans and restrictions 

Besides that, faceit account finder also provides a detailed overview of the individual player as well as a comparison chart between the two. To compare the performance report of two players, you will enter the Steam ID, full URL, or SteamID64 of those players in the provided space.

What is Faceit Finder?

The Faceit Finder is a tool that provides a thorough analysis of individual players and enables easy comparisons of their performance. Faceit Finder is able to match you with teammates who share your Elo score, gaming style, and preferences. Just type in the Steam profile’s URL of the account whose details you need. With just a click, you’ll get all the information about the account. 

Here’s the type of stats you’ll find by using Faceit Finder:

Feature What you find out:  
Detailed Faceit StatsEasily access account status, account creation date, achievements, a list of banned friends, and total hours played.
Track Performance  and StatsTrack your Counter-Strike performance efficiently by monitoring key stats such as ELO, Headshot percentage, HLTV rating, and Kill/Death ratio.
Steam Profile DetailsGet the player’s profile quick overview. This includes their profile name, level, badge collections, awards, groups, friends, game playlist, account ID, hours played, bans, and restrictions.
Player Level DisplayFind out player levels based on their ELO points in the Faceit Finder tool. To understand how ELO points translate to ranks, check out the ELO point table given below. 
Performance ComparisonCompare the performance reports of two players by entering their Steam ID, full URL, or SteamID64.
Teammate ComparisonView teammates’ performance and compare their stats.

Faceit Finder Key Benefits and Advantages

In the modern era of digital games, such as CS: GO, online gaming players need to have a highly proficient skill rank among teammates. Unlike other platforms, Faceit is more of a professional platform where pro players carefully execute tricks and strategies against their friends using our faceit analyzer.

Using Faceitfinder, players can better understand their opponents elo ranking, including

  • Discover the opponent’s real skillset and whether he is cheating or too good
  • Account history on Faceit
  • Carefully selecting teams
  • Gaining a better understanding of premade lobbies’ players
  • Detailed information about matches and maps 
  • Verify that your Steam ID is linked to your Faceit account
Faceit finder Advantages

An overview of Faceit

FaceIT is an online Esport (Electronic Sports) platform where different leagues and tournaments are arranged for the pro-gamers worldwide as per their expertise and matchmaking. Counter-Strike (CS: Go), Team Fortress-2, Rocket League, and the League of Legends are the most commonly played games at Faceit. This cheat-free platform has banned above 120,000 rogues globally to provide a trustworthy gaming station for professional and trained players.

With 128 dedicated servers, Faceit takes the gaming experience to a different level. Through fair competition on the Platform, you can show off your true skills against rivals without worrying about cheaters.

In the world of faceit, players are of a different breed. They value fair game-playing skill sets and the possibility of winning actual money and prizes in matches. Premium faceit account holders queuing for those matches also participate in small tournaments and engage in a variety of community hubs.

You can get the following advantages by playing online games at face it: 

  • Playing with highly skilled players helps improve your skill level.
  • Through FaceIT servers, you can create your communities as per your rules and conditions.
  • You can track your competitor’s performance, faceit ELO, and honesty.
  • The participants can get a better understanding of the lobbies’ system
  • You can get a detailed overview of maps, matches, and comparisons.
  • Team members can avail the opportunity to participate in top-class leagues or tournaments and win exciting prizes either in the form of cash, laptops, gaming gear, or other gadgets.

Why Use Faceit Finder for Esports Team Building? 

Building a successful esports team is no easy task, especially if you have little online presence. Not everyone has numerous gaming friends with the same skill or rank as you. Here’s how Faceit Finder is the go-to platform for esports team building. 

Real-Time Matchmaking

Faceit Finder makes it easy to find people to play games with. It finds players who are good matches for you in terms of skill, play style, and goals. It uses a special system to quickly find the right players for you. So, with Faceit Finder, you don’t waste time looking for teammates and can start playing your favorite games sooner.

Accelerate Your Learning Curve

Playing with compatible teammates can speed up your learning process. You can share tips, strategies, and experiences with each other. Everyone can help each other on the team and improve their skills faster. 

Remove Hackers and Cheats

You get Verified Player Information so you’ll know if the player is a pro or a cheat. By checking their account and gaming past, you become a gaming Sherlock Holmes. This helps you recruit teammates who play on your team and not against it.

Variety of Supported Games

Besides CS: GO, Faceit offers games like PUBG, League of Legends, DOTA 2, and TF2. When you use Faceit Finder, you’ll be matched with teammates who play the same games and have similar skill levels. It’s a great way to find fair and enjoyable gaming experiences.

ELO Ranking System: Faceit elo finder

Getting to level 10 with more than 2001 points is not easy, only three percent of players reach that mark. We see real talent and dedication from the pros when there are more players involved and competition intensifies. 

Face it CS:GO has 10 levels based on elo points, and you move up by collecting points

  • Level 1: 1 – 800
  • Level 2: 801 – 950
  • Level 3: 951 – 1100
  • Level 4: 1101 – 1250
  • Level 5: 1251 – 1400
  • Level 6: 1401 – 1550
  • Level 7: 1551 – 1700
  • Level 8: 1701 – 1850
  • Level 9: 1851 – 2000
  • Level 10: 2001 +

Usually, winning a match adds 25 points to your elo, although the losing player also loses points. If you play against a more skilled opponent, the stakes are higher if you lose. it’s best to use faceit finder to check the opponent’s faceit elo level before starting a match.

Tips to Improve Ranking 

Here are a few simple and easy-to-follow tips to rank in an anti-cheat environment at a pace that matches your skill level

  1. The more time you spend on the maps, the better you will be able to develop a strategy that works for you
  2. As you play with players who are slightly better in rank, your skillset will steadily improve
  3. For long-term competitiveness, you should never use shortcuts like boosting techniques, where you give your ID to multiple people to play on your behalf.
  4. It doesn’t matter if they boost your rank for a while; your skillset will remain the same and you’ll lose points against them soon.
  5. When you are losing too many points, it’s best to take a break and get back to the game the next day.

Faceit requirements for CS:GO Steam Account

To connect your faceit account to steam, you need a minimum of 25 hours of gameplay time, but more is preferable. Also, your profile must be set to public view so that no information is hidden from other players. Last but not least, one steam account can be linked to a face it account and vice versa

Understanding ELO Ranking on Faceit:

You might be wondering what ELO means, it’s the Faceit ranking system. Climbing up the ranks on Faceit can be quite challenging. They use an Elo system that puts players into ten different levels, each with its own range of Elo points.

Up until now, there’s only 3% of players who have made it to level 10. 

If you win a match, you get 25 points added to your Elo, but be cautious because losing will take away some points. 

To make things easier, you can use Faceit Finder to see your opponent’s Elo level before you play against them. Let’s quickly break down what your ELO points signify:

ELO level ELO Points Range Description 
Level 11 – 800Beginner 
Level 2801 – 950Novice 
Level 3951 – 1100Rookie 
Level 41101 – 1250Amateur 
Level 51251 – 1400Semi-pro 
Level 61401 – 1550Pro 
Level 71551 – 1700Elite
Level 81701 – 1850Master 
Level 91851 – 2000Grandmaster 
Level 102001+Legendary 

How to improve your ranking on Faceit?

Improving in an anti-cheat environment is where you showcase true talent but it’s not easy. There’s a reason why only 3% of players have made it to level 10 but you can do it too. Achieving a higher ranking on Faceit requires skill and a strategic approach. Here are some tips: 

  • Map Mastery: Spend Time on Maps and master the layout chokepoints. Map knowledge is key to improving your gameplay and making optimal strategies.
  • Challenge Yourself: Use the Faceit Finder tool to find your rank and play with higher-ranked players. It’s frustrating but worth it for incredible improvements and sharpening skills. 
  • Say No to Shortcuts: Shortcuts like boosting your rank through others may provide temporary gains, but they hinder your skill development in the long run. 
  • Refresh and Recharge: Loosing makes you lose points, so do not continue playing if you’re on a losing streak. Returning to the game with a fresh mindset can prevent tilt and help you perform better.
  • Analyze Your Matches: After each game, take some time to review your performance. Identify mistakes, missed opportunities, and areas for improvement. Self-analysis is a powerful tool for growth.
  • Teamwork Matters: In team-based games like CS: GO, communication is key. Work on your communication skills to coordinate with your teammates effectively. 
  • Regular Practice: Hone your skills regularly to maintain and improve your skills. Be consistent and dedicate time to hone your aim, reflexes, and in-game knowledge. 

Try Faceit Finder For Free! 

Faceit Finder is your gateway to connect with like-minded individuals. Track your Faceit stats performance, and build the ultimate team for gaming. With its comprehensive player analysis and real-time matchmaking, Faceit Finder makes it easy to find the right players for your team.

 You can improve your gaming skills and enjoy fair and friendly competition on Faceit. It’s not just about reaching the highest level; it’s about the fun and friends you make. Get started with Faceit Finder today and become a better gamer with the best teammates! 

Frequently Asked Questions

A user can find the CS:GO faceit account details as well as the steam profile details on a single page by using the unique steam id of the player.

  • Visit faceitaccount.com 
  • Enter full stream URL/Steam ID or use the name
  • Click search and you will see faceit account stats with steam id profile details

By navigating to detail stats, you will see a comparison option where you can add steam IDs of players to analyze performance

Below the player’s details, you will find the player’s elo ranking or level by searching for their steam id

The Steam ID is a combination of unique numbers associated with your steam account that cannot be changed

Details of each match can be found on the details stats page, along with detailed information about each player’s performance

From my personal observation, I prefer Faceiit because it is a fair platform with a powerful anti-cheat system and toxicity prevention system. To beat my fellow geeks, I have to push myself to the limit and get out of my comfort zone to polish my CS:GO skills. In addition, I can analyze other players’ performances by using the faceit finder, which displays all stats to the public.

You’ll find a comparison feature when you go to the detailed statistics section on Faceit Finder. Here, you can enter the Steam IDs of players to assess their performance.

Simply enter the Steam profile URL of your Steam account. You’ll get details like ELO ranking and more. 

To find a Steam user’s unique ID, just visit their profile and look at the 17 numbers in the URL. Copy it and paste it on the Faceit Finder search toolbar.