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CS GO Faceit Ranks

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the Faceit competitive shooter competes with other human players as per their ranks. The game was developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment and released for Play Station 3, Windows, and MacOS in 2012 and Linux in 2014. You can check faceit stats using steam id by using faceitfinder.

With time, every player wants to go beyond the casual game mode to play with skilful and pro players in CS GO Faceit matchmaking and well-manages the CSGO ranking system according to each player’s performance and capabilities. Let’s have a look at how Faceit CSGO stats works!

CS GO Faceit Ranks: How Does the System Work? 

Valve has divided the mycsgo competitive matchmaking ranks into 18 levels (each carrying a specific symbol) depending upon the individual player’s skill set and expertise. These stages may be named as ‘Levels of Progress,’ ranging from Silver-1 to The Global Elite

Serial NumberCSGO LevelSerial NumberCSGO Level
1Silver I10Gold Nova Master
2Silver II11Master Guardian I
3Silver III12Master Guardian II
4Silver IV13Master Guardian Elite
5Silver Elite14Distinguished Master Guardian
6Silver Elite Master15Legendary Eagle
7Gold Nova I16Legendary Eagle Master
8Gold Nova II17Supreme Master First Class
9Gold Nova III18The Global Elite

Each csgo rank is further divided into 3 sections that are described below:


Ranks of Beginner Players in CS: GO, also known as ‘Silver Players.’ These players are still in the learning phase, i.e., learning the basics of the game, such as useful tips for weapons and maps, building winning strategies, as well as understanding the game statistics. 


The players of the second group rank range from Gold Nova 1 to Master Guardian Elite. These gamers know very well how the CS: GO ranking system work and how to maintain or up-rank their level in the game. Section 2 players execute expert-level game tactics to create a more thrilling game experience. Besides that, they spend more time on DM servers to understand how to intend at the head, a crucial factor in getting triumph with this skill level.


The players of Section 3 are considered to be the most dedicated and experienced. The highest ranks in FaceIT csgo are Supreme Master First Class and Global Elite, and getting these positions is a great achievement, especially for new players.

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How to Know about your CS GO Faceit Rank? Understanding the ELO System

Every skill level in CS GO faceit has a set number of points known as ELO or the ranks. Valve has not revealed till now how players rank up or de-rank in CSGO to avoid system abuse. Usually, it’s believed that ranking depends on multiple factors, including total wins, defeats, KD/R, injuries, and damages per round, MVPS, the strength of your opponents, and much more.

Initially, on starting playing matches, you don’t have any rank. It would be best to play competitive, i.e matchmaking games frequently. To get ranking, the ideal games at the start can be Death Match and Arms Race, in which players use various weapons from different spawn points, enabling them to become professional players in less time.

Moreover, you also need to win at least 10 matchmaking matches to get a rank in the beginning. After the 10th game, you will be assigned a rank per your performance. For a higher ranking, you would need to win matches against your opponents having comparatively higher skill levels than yours. Winning against players having equal or lower skill levels can create little impact in boosting your ranking.

On average, every player gets 25 points on winning a game and loses the same number of points on defeat. Competing with opponents having higher ELO scores, you will achieve more points on winning which increases the chance of getting a higher ranking fast.

Factors Impacting Faceit CSGO Rank Distribution

It’s quite difficult to fully understand the factors that may improve or decline your ranking in cs go faceit. However, certain factors are crucial in calculating your hidden ranking points, such as:

  • The individual player’s overall performance 
  • Total win rate and defeats per round of the game
  • Your game strategy
  • The ranking level of the opponent players
  • In-game actions like KDA (Kills, Deaths, Assists), usage of grenades, and headshots

How to Improve your Faceit CSGO Ranking?

As already discussed above, you have to win at least 10 competitive matchmaking games for your first ranking in Counter-Strike and the new accounts are bound to win 2 games a day. In simple words, win more games than you lose to move up the in the rankings.

On average, you can move up in the rankings after 3-5 consecutive victories, but the situation may vary depending on several factors. You may win 10 consecutive matches without getting a higher ranking. Likewise, it is possible to go up the rankings by getting defeated in multiple games and winning only one match. How exactly the ranking system in CS: GO works is not revealed till now.