Faceit Elo Ranking sytem

Become familiar with the Faceit ELO Ranking System

Faceit ELO ranking system is statistical data about the game performance and skill level of players. The Faceit system assigns the ELO ranking to each player depending on factors such as winning percentage, kill or death ratio, competitor’s ranking level, etc. which can be checked using faceitfinder. Let’s explore how ELO work and how the ranking system in FaceIT is managed!

What is ELO in FACEIT CS: GO

ELO represents a perceived skill level of a player that depends on his game understanding and expertise. Every player has a distinctive faceit elo rank in CS: GO as per his skillfulness and talent.

The players with matching ELO scores are supposed to run a more competitive and exciting match. Therefore, the matchmaking system in faceit explores the best possible combination of players with similar ranks to create more thrilling competition.

How Does faceit ELO Work?

To rank higher on the faceit ladder, you have to win more ‘points’. The player becomes able to receive his rank after winning 10 matchmaking games. Thus, the ranking of the gamer is displayed in the main menu. However, the ranking levels change with time depending on your game performance.

One skill level includes many points; therefore, even in one ranking, two players may be far from each other in terms of ELO points. In the faceit platform, the Elo system also helps you build your teams with players having matching capabilities to boost the thrill of the game.

How to Check Elo?

Faceit provides complete stats to its users to check their performance, ranking levels, and progress as well as compare with other players. To check your faceit stats, you can directly go to the page and put your user name.

Install the app on your PC and create your faceit account for detailed statistical information. Click on the Elo Graph option and get access to faceIt Rank Checker, where you can view the statistics of your game progress and your teammates as well as compare with other players.

FaceIt Levels and ELO Ranking System

Want to get a thrilling gaming experience with the pro gamers in faceit? If yes, you must increase your ELO rank. FACEIT incorporated 10 different levels for players to refine their gaming skills, each with different criteria to promote to the next level. There is a huge difference in points even in one facet rank. So, players have to get more scores even to cross one level to achieve a higher ranking.

Faceit levels

Also, remember that your rank changes every time you play, along with your score on the platform, depending on several factors. So, remember, only winning a game or giving more killing shots does not ensure a higher ranking here. Below are given the ELO ranks for faceit!

Faceit LevelsRequired Elo Points
Level-10Above 2001

How Can Players Improve their ELO Ranking in Faceit?

Increase your Playtime to rank up in faceit

It is one of the most helpful strategies to rank higher on the ladder. Spending more time playing games on faceit can increase the chance of boosting your status.

Avoid Using faceit elo boosting

Using the faceit elo booster, you can play with pro gamers that can enhance your experience and skill level. But, it can damage the platform’s credibility as you don’t go naturally in the elo ranking system.

Play with a competitor having Slightly Higher Ranking

Playing with a teammate or competitor with having a somewhat higher ranking can help you improve your game skills. You can learn a lot from your competitor’s gaming strategies and tricks that might help you in future. 

What Factors Affect a Player’s ELO Rank?

Get more MVP (Most Valuable Player) Stars

Be your team’s leading and most productive player to get maximum MVP stars. The MVP winner receives a much higher percentage of points than the other players in the team.

Your Current ELO Ranking

Your current rank and that of your competitors determine how many ranking points you receive, determining how likely you are to win. If you play with people with less ranking than yours, your chance of winning is higher. But, in this case, you waste more points if you lose and only improve your ranking slightly on a win.

Win/Loss Ratio

The results of the game’s individual rounds are what actually count. You have a specific opportunity to win or lose for each round of the game.  So even if you’re losing, try to win every round efficiently!The more wins you acquire, the more slowly your position will improve or de-rank.